MIMI BERLIN PORTFOLIO: FASHION SUMMARY Focusing on Fashion; B2B; concept, events, consultancy, presentations, photography, styling, illustration, design, artworks/dessins, research and (copy-)writing. Please contact us for information about commisioning. ART DIRECTION CONCEPTUAL FASHION STYLING/CONSULTANCY -B2B-  Fashion Show Reports / Trend Updates … Continue reading

FASHION: Image Editing

______________________________________________________________________________ MIMI BERLIN PORTFOLIO: FASHION Focusing on Fashion; illustration, artworks, dessins, design, styling, concept, photography, events, consultancy and presentations. ______________________________________________________________________________ 10 inspirational image stories.  Cliënt: Studio Piet Paris. Project: Visual and fashion styling for singer/songwriter Ilse de Lange, 2011

Altered Fashion Magazines (AFM)

“Vogue on Vogue on Vogue etc” by shrubrub 2010 (Visit shrubrub’s page for more!) Carved Magazine by Nate Page (via)  More! Carved Magazine by Nate Page (via) they-have-not-the-art-to-argue-with-pictures-at-cherry-and-martin W magazine nov. 2010 Art issue: Barbara Kruger x Kim Kardashian (via) … Continue reading