Panties for your Period

Panties for your Period

At Monki they have these fun undies for sale. Pink panties with the word Period printed on them. This underwear, including a menstrual cup, is the result of a collaboration between Monki, Lunette and The Cup. What is a menstrual cup? Well

The cup will be available in pink at selected Monki stores and online from mid-July.

“Lunette is a Finnish company, run by women that developed menstrual cups that are a user-friendly, safe, reusable and ecological alternative to regular tampons and sanitary napkins.” The menstrual cup is bell-shaped, reusable, cup made of rubber wich you insert in your vagina. The Cup catches the blood. The Lunette site says you can wear it up to 12 hours a day.

The Cup foundation is a non-profit organisation with a mission to educate and empower girls living in challenging environments in Kenya, by giving them life skills, training, and access to menstrual cups. “One of the biggest problems girls who grow up in poverty face is the lack of proper and hygienic solutions when they have their period. If their parents don’t have money to buy pads they end up using anything at hand like cloth, leaves, tissue, pieces of mattresses or even have transactional sex for pads. These practices are dangerous to their health but also make many girls miss several days of school every month. Some drop out of school for good.”


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