Paper at the Milano Designweek

Just got back from Milan. Remember the paper vases I bought? Well, they are following me, there they were again, being very fragile, very pretty and dreamy. These had printed pictures, like flowers, on them. It’s a matter of patience and presentation I guess.
Folded office,by Nika Zupanc, postmodernity in the 21st century. Desk, chairs, and closet,inspired by vintage storage binders. My favorite is the closet, what a loving way to store your clothes! I’m not sure if this belongs in an office tough. A boudoir would be more suitable, with other furniture designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for instance.
Less innovative but still beautiful! “BEEZ LIGHTS”; Folded paper lamps in black and white, they have other colours on request, imagine that, several lamps in bright colours, like that idea. Designed by 8 Octaviooamado

Inflatable paper pillows at Domus

April 19th 2011: More on Paper.
Yesterday Karl Lagerfeld “announced to create, along with publisher Steidl, Paper Passion, a fragrance inspired by the scent of books. The juice, formulated by perfumer Geza Schön, is said to contain a “fatty nuance.” When it’s for sale we’ll be sure to compare that to the ones that already exists:

 Demeter | Zadig & Voltaire | CB I Hate (more via)

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