Paper fashion dolls.

Do you know this feeling? Looking at something pink and girly, immediately getting softened up, knowing you need it because it’s pretty cute? Well, I have this feeling quite often. Just the other day, when watching the LV S/S’12 show (on YouTube) it struck me again. Klabloink, my brain has a girly meltdown right the second the curtain goes up! A carrousel, in white with shimmering lights, white horses, topmodels riding them, wearing pastel colored feathers and lace! This all, accompanied by a tune from a music box (the ‘ballerina’ kind). W O W !!
Louis Vuitton, women RTW S/s’12.
After a view minutes, my brain got the upper hand over my instincts again. I see models without personality, or fun. Reinforced by the constant loop in the video; allover shot, total model, cut to the bag (sometimes even when there is no bag), cut to the shoes. I’m sensing the accessoiries ARE the core business of LV!(Duh) The music starts to irritate as well, it gives me a creepy-horror-movie feeling… Yes, that’s what this show is, a Stepford-Girls scenario. 

LV exhibition in Milan “..Lobotomized by the Vuitton Speedy” (via The Satirialist)

Now that’s an exiting concept! Just as last season, Marc Jacobs did it again. He made me think about fashion, the industry in particular. Like all major shows, this is a big, fat commercial trap, but Jacobs is being so very open about it! I like that. I do think his view is too cynical though. I’m not sure if everybody notices Marc Jacobs’ cynicism, but if you do, this show becomes much more layered than at first glance. And that’s always a good thing, ain’t it?! If you don’t, just as well! (more on Paper dolls)

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