Pentagram Designs for Dr.Jart+ skincare

Pentagram Designs for Dr.Jart+ skincare

Stunning containers for Dr.Jart+, the global skincare brand that fuses science and art from South Korea. Product design by creative agency Pentagram in collaboration with product designer Piotr Woronkowicz.

(imagecredits: Pentagram)

Now that’s a product line I’d be willing to showcase in my bathroom! What do you think? You Like?

xoxo Mimi

“The new containers combine the classic forms of beauty products and cosmetics with unexpected industrial objects like oil cans, kerosene cans and paint tubes. The bottles and dispensers stand out store shelves, where the stackable shapes maximize every square inch, increasing visibility in a crowded category. At home, the stylish containers are designed to be left out on the counter and not hidden away in a drawer.

Every element has been reconsidered to holistically balance the containers for intuitive function, manufacturing efficiency and design details. The thoughtful attention to detail carries through to the construction of the pumps and dispensers, which employ a minimal amount of parts. The language of forms helps indicate each product’s use: A wide pump signals a product with more viscosity, like lotion, while a round pump is used for oils and liquids. The containers have rounded edges and a soft touch matte finish that evokes the smoothness of skin.” (read more

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