Petros Chrisostomou’s Shoes

Petros Chrisostomou photographs small-scale, ordinary, ephemeral objects in architectural models that he constructs himself, and then dramatically arranges, often employing lighting and staging conventions of the theatre. With the alteration of scale and reversal of the relation between object and environment, between imaginary and real space, his photographs challenge the viewer’s visual certainties. The illusionary effect he achieves highlights the artist’s playful approach, which fluctuates between mimicry of the real world and construction of a surreallistic reality. (read more Petros Chrisostomou)

petros chrisostomouOn the left: A photo booth picture of the artist himself found on his website. A small scale Petros Chrisostomou, cute! Mr Chrisostomou plays with all kinds of every-day-objects but we, at Mimi Berlin, do like the shoes the best. We also chose the most pretty ones for you, the hooker kind of shoes Mr Chrisostomou worked with we didn’t like so much, but if you are curious or in love with those kinds of heels visit his website and check them out for yourself.
(All images courtesy of Petros Chrisostomou©-via garisandhahn via zeets-theworld via artsy)

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