Photo Booth

Yours truly, Mimi Berlin, is very fond of the instant photo’s made in the impersonal photo booth’s, and has been for decades. Needless to say the Mimi Berlin Photo Archives are stuffed with them. Mostly black and white (color used to be expensive and not so common as today) and made in cities all over the world. This collection has various theme’s: A) alone, with 3 persons and with as many persons as possible. B) being pretty, being funny, doing things you’re not suppose to do.
There aren’t that many original booths left, most of them are digital nowadays (also fun but that’s an other story) In Berlin Mitte you’ll find two old-fashioned booths which have become a touristic attraction. And with reason, it’s so much fun to have your picture taken by a machine, the waiting outside for the photo’s to develop, blowing and shaking the sticky photo’s dry when they did, inhaling the chemical smell,  judging the (self) portraits …..All part of a top attraction indeed!
Superman, The Movie, directed by Richard Donnar in 1978 © Warner Bros. (via Taschen)
Andy Warhol’s photo booth series, self portrait 1964. (via myrustysieve)

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