It’s TimeToParr with Photographer Martin Parr and Gucci


Make-believe street photography in Italy and in Asia. British photographer Martin Parr worked for the Gucci watches campaign, the result is lovely! Hashtag:TimeToParr.

The images above are taken from the Gucci site view more of these images HERE at

Gucci Collaborations

The fashion brand Gucci seems to be at the top of the ‘collaborating with….’ list these days. On that note; the collab between Parr and Gucci is yesterday’s news already. The latest collabs are with Petra Collins who captured the ‘Gucci Gift 2018 campaign’ at a “kaleidoscopic party“, with Dazed Beauty and model Hari Nef for the video and podcast series ‘Growing Pains’, with dancer and choreographer Holly Blakey, with Faye Dunaway and daughter, with Ni Ni, Dapper Dan and other celebs. This list goes on and on.

Name-Dropping Galore

Okay, hold on a minute: are these collaborations or just plain commissions for campaign shoots? Gucci releases a huge amount of them (campaigns), from Gucci-Gifts to Gucci-Watches and back to ad’s for the Gucci-Cruise collections, all created by different people. It feels like artists and photographers don’t have a steady job at Gucci because the number of ‘collabs’ is humongous! On it’s almost like reading People Magazine: name-dropping galore! Which is great fun!

This kind of marketing is nothing new, we hear you say.
Yes, we know!
But not until you’ve been targeted without noticing, in our case with the Martin Parr collaboration, you can really feel the force of the Gucci lifestyle factory! And that’s when the smartly-produced-marketing-trap-which-nobody-can-escape-from becomes interesting to us and then we can write about it.

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