Pitch of the week: Knitted Tops

How great are these pictures? They came from a knitting patterns magazine from the fifties. No Photoshop, and that’s how we like it, the poses are a bit peculiar because in fact the models (yes it is a job and talent) are uncomfortable posing with their bodies pushed through a hole in the background paper. It could be a circus act of the fashionable kind. Women without Legs.
This idea could be shaped in the form of an editorial, a movie or an actual sideshow/fashion show.
vintage knitted topsvintage knitted tops
(via vintagepatternsdazespast) (buy here)

Dear editors, stylists, art director’s and what have you….That’s the pitch for this week! Your Welcome, and have a nice day! xoxo Mimi

Please contact us when you are using this pitch, we’ll work out some kind of fee for Mimi Berlin xoxo

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