mimimall.amsterdam is Mimi Berlin’s online Department Store filled with product-design by Mimi Berlin. Next to high-end MimiMerchandise the store also carries low-end Mimi Merchandise: The MimiMalist Series, these are mass-produced items, also designed by Mimi Berlin.


Mimi-Merchandise are High-end products designed by Mimi Berlin, mostly produced in limited-editions or made to order.

Mimi Berlin’s necklaces, scarves and AnSich postcards are available at Magasin Horaz
In Stock online: Silk Scarves in a limited edition of 50 pieces. 3-D Print in a limited edition of 10 numbered and signed pieces. A series of 2 necklaces handmade with onyx, sweet-water pearls and one yellow vintage bead, with a 14kt golden locket. Close-Up Face necklace is a combination of the Close-Up Eyes and the Close-Up Smile necklace. Papergoods from Mimi Berlin: Wallpaper. SHOPSHOPSHOP


The Mimimalist series are Low-end Mimi-Merchandise, mass produced items designed by Mimi Berlin. NEW! Friendly MimiMalist Conference Badge. Meeting and introducing yourself to others has never been this easy ànd stylish at the same time. Form follows function: the ‘MimiMalist Hello Badge’ is Super Large (ø 10cm) and it’s tinted Beige. Mimi Berlin designed this mega-brooch not necessarily for conference meetings only: you can wear the Friendly MimiMalist Conference Badge any day, every day!

In Stock online: Twin T-Shirts. Braggin’ and Boasting has never been so much fun! One size fits all! Left tee: us at mimi berlin. Right tee: we have hot cool goddly faces. Just like Mr & Mrs J. you can order your MimiMalist Twin T-shirts now for only €50,-. (€30 per tee) Pronto! Mimi Berlin Phone Case. Order your mimimalist black/white/translucent phone case NOW. For only €25,- this design can be yours. BONUS with your own email address for FREE! Available for any telefonino you want. MimiMug. From now on you can drink your coffee from this Mimimalist MIMI-MUG! Just like director Louis van Zwol you can order your Mimi Mug for only €8,95  SHOPSHOPSHOP
(Mimimalist is a concept by Twan Janssen, executed by Mimi Berlin.)


Above; ‘CEO of the Month Flower Brooch’ Vintagedeluxe Costume Jewelry, framed brooches by Mimi Berlin

Vintagedeluxe Costume Jewelry: A selection of Framed Brooches, carefully selected and matched to the pages of Linea Italiana Magazine (the Winter issue of 1980) by Mimi Berlin.
Multi functional styling: frame or wear these brooches: your choice!
Tip from Mimi Berlin: send one to a friend, they will love this thoughtful gift! SHOPSHOPSHOP