Postmodern Designer Vases by Mimi Berlin

Postmodern Designer Vases

Here you have a series of four vases in postmodern style, designed by us, at Mimi Berlin. We chose a romantic color-scheme of whites, pinks and oranges. The Postmodern Designer Vases are unique pieces, or prototypes if you will.


The vases are prototypes in the sense that they can be mass-produced easily. That will never happen, because we don’t want to add more plastic to this world obviously. Design-wise we could transform the plastic into another material, but that’s an other story.

Important Bagatelles

Just like our Green Plastic Dolls and Faces, these vases are a sidestep from Mimi Berlin’s ‘Important Bagatelles’ or ‘Toys for Girls’ project. These aren’t just pretty objects: no, the vases are proper, usable products. Designed with discarded plastics, glass and crystal, found on several ‘garbage-treasure’ hunts.

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