Print Your Duralex

Print Your Duralex

Affordable design for everybody. Print Your Duralex

In 2015 the Duralex had it’s 70th anniversary, To celebrate that fact 5.5 designstudio created 70 functional attachments for the iconic Picardi glass. These are printable items wich transform the Picardi glass in, for instance, a hat, apencil sharpener or acoffeemaker.

“A Duralex glass is the very essence of what we believe about design : an integrated and timeless object. There’s nothing gratuitous or artificial about its conception. Functionality is everything and that’s what makes it beautiful. »
To celebrate Duralex 70th anniversary, the 5.5 designstudio enhances the iconic and French international symbol “Picardie” glass. This abundant accessories collection gives new functions to this legendary object, part of little moments of everyday life.
The 3D files of these unique creations will be offered so that anyone could 3D print himself. Another proof of 5.5 designstudio and Duralex commitment to make affordable design for everybody.

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