Raw Color: Tinctorial Textiles

Raw Color: Tinctorial Textiles. Tinctorial Textiles is a new step in the research on natural pigment. Having mainly experimented with vegetable dyes in the past it was a new step to explore the area of plant dyes. 13 curtain panels executed in semi translucent wool overlap with other eachother to create colour blends between the panels.

Raw Color teamed up for dyeing the fibers with Ecological Textiles, who is specialized to work with organic wool and dying with natural colours. For the pigments we used the knowledge of Rubia Natural Colour a dutch company specialised in the development of natural colour. The applied dyes are for one part taken from the companies palette and for the other part especially developed for this project.

The term tinctorial relates to most organic dyeing agents categorized by the term in their latin name. The dyes used in this project derive from three plants, madder root –  ‘Rubia tinctorum’ for the reddish hues, woad – ‘Isatis tinctoria’ for the blueish hues and reseda – ‘Reseda luteola’ for the yellowish hues. All agents are purely applied in different concentrations to achieve more or less saturation. New shades are created by over-dyeing the fabric with two agents resulting in greens, purples and oranges.

The project was commissioned by interior designers Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe for the renewed spaces of the ABN Amro bank office in Eindhoven. The installation of the rails is developed and executed with Daphna Laurens and Snodevormgevers. The finishing of the textiles has been done by Decor-Atelier.

Tinctorial Textiles are produced and available per meter through Ecological Textiles. For more information and prices please mail to info@ecologicaltextiles.nl.
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