Rebecca Wilson’s Peaches

Rebecca Wilson did it again: She made statuettes which are irresistible for us to not love. Like her series Blow Me!, Dirty Rotten Peaches has a girly vibe, they are naughty and made with a great eye for detail, Simply Lovely! Dirty Rotten Peaches by Rebecca Wilson, ceramic statues available at Saatchi Online. Yours for only $320. buy now

dirty_rotten_peaches_rebecca_wilson(image courtesy of saatchi online and rebecca wilson)

“Dirty Rotten Peaches’ are part a body of work entitled Eat Me; Keep Me. The series focuses on the notion of self indulgence. In exploring the parallels between ‘valuable’ and ‘everyday’ I have drawn a symmetry of opposites between porcelain and confectionary items; both are similarly self indulgent, inspire desire and are coveted, but both are fundamentally frivolous. Found objects and fruits are cast in subtly stained porcelain, and details are delicately added using an icing bag. In ‘Dirty Rotten Peaches’ the innocent fruits transform tantalisingly into voluptuous little ladies bottoms sprouting delicate gold leaves and other unmentionable things.” read more on rebecca wilson’s site

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