Mimi Berlin’s Rebus puzzle #12

Warning; This week’s rebus is not an easy one!
-C -ES
 O=U N=I             +>

1)Diamond Necklace. 2)Britney Spears, Cover for a Bonustrack from ‘Femme Fatale’, her latest and 7th album (march 2011). 3)James Steward is watching his neighbors through his rear window, Grace Kelly is behind him. From american suspense film director Alfred Hitchcock(1954).(via) 4)Women drinking tea by unknown artist. 5)Comedian Ed Wynn clowning as the King Bubbles, using a typewriter mechanism as a fork. Photo by Nina Leen, 1944.(via) 6)Nam June Paik, TV-Buddha, 1974, video instalation.(via)
Stay blogged for the answer……..