Mimi Berlin’s Rebus puzzle #13

-F -H

-T  AS=F R=N





1)Treasure Chest of Crochet Copyright 1946 by American Thread Co. (via) 2)robotic fish. 3)Self buttering toaster; “The device Andy designed was intricate yet simple: a wood and steel construction that held a slice of bread at an angle in front of a carefully wound matrix of nichrome wire heating elements. While the bread toasted, the heat from the wires melted a glop of butter on a perforated metal holder positioned over the bread. The butter dripped through the holes and on to the toasting bread. Voila! There was a slice of automatically buttered toast.” (William Gurstelle) 4)Nissan Wooden spoiler. (via) 5)The beautiful boy, by Germaine Greer, Published November 15, 2003. (via) 6)Swarovski candle set.7)”V Magazine’s Swimsuit issue,  Claudia Schiffer kicking her Yves Saint Laurent cage boots way higher than most are able” (modelinia) 8)the garden at the Getty Center .