Roller Derby for Girls

Roller Derby for Girls

Roller Derby is a contact sport played by two teams of five members roller skating in the same direction around a track, they have all kinds of matches whilst doing so. Basically one of the teams needs to be the fastest; the players are very rough with each other in order to accomplish a win. Roller skating marathons became populair in the 1930s, just like the dance marathons. Roller Derby is a sport with a high entertaiment value; the same kind the american wrestling matches have.

The black and white image is made at a Roller Derby match in 1948, taken from Time/Life Magazine. (read the article and see more images here at

Vette City Roller Derby/ Body By Derby is a figure study of active derby athletes to show the different body types of active skaters and the physical effects derby has on the players. (This entry features skaters from Vette City Roller Derby. More pictures can be found at Cory’s website. Get future updates on Facebook by following The Rollergirl Project.)

The Joriko Roller (in pale pink / red / turquoise) from Acne Studios. Made in a limited edition are Joriko sneakers that have been customised to roller derby skates. They are already out of stock, but the brown color combination is still available. These skates are part of the ‘Diner Collection’ by Acne Studios. (readmore

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