Runway; Sjaak Hullekes

The models at Sjaak Hullekes were riding a bike, running, reading a newspaper (the herald tribune) and carrying food (apples, bananas, sandwiches). 
They are workers wearing clothing from the W2013 collection “Mill Town”. They aren’t your average workers though, as you’ve may have already guessed; Sjaak Hullekes‘s signature is prominent, he invented his own kind of worker; the chique, impeccable one. Mr Hullekes placed them in a  setting reminiscent of a film. All done very tastefully with a slight edge to it. (worker: the trend)
The show was sponsored by Volvo, a cute oldtimer had the leading role.
Backstage; Sjaak Hullekes and de la Bretoniere. More party pics HERE

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