Rüpert von Rom: ITGWO

Rüpert von Rom: ITGWO

(photo’s taken by Rüpert von Rom)

ITGWO is a small and fabulous festival on the island of Vlieland. One the five big islands north of the country and if I may say the most beautiful of them all. The fun already begins with the journey as you need to take a boat from Harlingen to the island. Once there everyone scatters around the island to build their tents. Now, I’m not a fan of happy camping or even happy campers, so I’m pleased to say there are a lot of opportunities for you to not sleep in a tent. Hotels and hostels and tent houses are in abundance. The festival itself is divided in three areas on the island and can hold 6000 festival goers . Not a lot and that is perfect for those who do not like huge crowds.

ITGWO is known for a wonderful cozy atmosphere among everyone attending. Do not expect techno parties until the morning but high quality music until one o’clock at night. The best part of the festival is that you need a bike or good shoes to go from one area to another, whilst you’re going through nature. It is the perfect way to get a little bit sober.

Darlings, please notify: this month the planning for the month of september will begin. I know it’s early, but you have to be quick about it. And you know why? Because this month is all about getting your ticket for Into the great wide open (ITGWO), a.k.a. the best festival in The Netherlands.

I’m telling you, buy your tickets this month because it is always sold out within 15 mins. That says enough.


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