Ruud van der Peijl at Yab-Yum

Ruud van der Peijl at Yab-YumMr van der Peijl in front of his Fetish Alphabet at Yab YumRuud van der Peijl at Yab-Yumm i m i b e r l i n spelled with the Fetish Alphabet by Ruud van der Peijl

Ruud van der Peijl at Yab-Yum Ruud van der Peijl is a Dutch (fashion related) stylist/photographer/DJ/TV Celeb and what not. He presented his Fetish Alphabet yesterday during Amsterdam Fashionweek/Downtown at the Fashion Affair held at Yab Yum. This event was created for designers to sell and showcase their products. Mr van der Peijl was one of them, for the first time he sold prints of his Fetish Alphabet, which he created in 2013 and presented earlier at MoBA, an opportunity not to be missed! Maybe he has some left, we suggest to check his website to find out! Or go to the Modefabriek fashion fair in Amsterdam and visit in Not Just a Shop this weekend. All the participating designers and artists occupied a room in the famous Dutch brothel Yab Yum (which actually means father and mother in Tibetan, but that’s just a cheesy detail) situated in the historical center of Amsterdam, it has been closed as a brothel for a while now. Mimi Blogger team never visited Yab Yum before (honestly) and was curious to see the interior with their own eyes, it was much more clean than we had in mind and much more eighties as well. We took some snaps at Yab Yum, see them HERE, check it out it’s worth it, certainly if you like über-kitsch or if you are interested in the other Fashion Affair participants. (photocredits: JW Kaldenbach & Mimi Berlin)