Saint Augustine Church in Eindhoven

Saint Augustine Church in Eindhoven

A church in the city of Eindhoven, Brabant, The Netherlands. The church is situated next to the convent, that’s why it’s kept so clean and tidy. If you want to visit this place you have 2 options (in our opinion)

!- Just go and have a look, see what a typical Dutch church looks like (it won’t be there for long the parish is getting smaller and smaller)

2- Go visit the Saint Augustine Church during the Dutch Design Week, it will be transformed by designer/artist Aart van Asseldonk into a design-fest named; “The Allegory of the South”

Symbolism, metaphor, and old Dutch proverbs come together to create an exuberant spectacle during Dutch Design Week. Inspired by the work of painters such as Jan Steen, artist Atelier van Asseldonk takes you to a world where he and ‘Brabants’ Finest’ intertwine a bygone era with the lively present, against the backdrop of the iconic Saint Augustine Church.

Even outside the church people are working, eating, drinking, and singing. Market vendors sell their wares, the music plays, the food is delicious and the beer flows in abundance. 
Experience the remarkable vision of these contemporary craftsmen during this festive week and step into a world imagined from the work of artists like Jeroen Bosch, Pieter Bruegel, and Jan Steen.

The Allegory of the South takes place during Dutch Design Week from 16 through 25 October.

Augustijnenkerk, Tramstraat 37, 5611 CR Eindhoven.

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