San Proper

San Proper is an Amsterdam based music artist. The other day we got to hear his newest work. >Before you start reading on expecting a serious review STOP. We, at Mimi Berlin, can do many things, but music critics we are not. We mostly just like to dance to it< Anyways, the album has 4 tracks without vocals (Mr Proper told us he mostly released work with vocals) but with computer sounds (sorry) We really did love what we heard. It reminded us of the tracks of obscure artsy Dutch underground musicians like Peter en de Chinezen and Save the Robot from the late eighties of the 20th century.  Sam Proper gave his tracks definite 21st century spin though. This record will be released in January 2014. and by that time we hopefully can add sound to this post so it will make more sense.

2 thoughts on “San Proper

  1. I am very delighted that Mimi remembers us. You are maybe the only one Mimi! But anyway: thanks!
    Peter (of Peter and the Chinese).

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