Sketchbook Pro

Fashionary, a sketchbook tailor-made for fashion designers.It contains intensive fashion information with barely visible figure templates for instant sketching of ideas. Never mind that you can’t sketch yourself!

Hmm, total marketing concept including “Tommy Ton” style photography. They do take themselves very seriously at I.T. I guess it’s the adult version of “My wonderful world of fashion”
The same idea but less chique and serious

My Wonderful world of Fashion, Illustrations specially created by illustrator Nina Chakrabarti.

Much more fun, and of course, made for children.
Both “books” gave me an instant feeling of “Auch Haben”,  but on second thought…..I can sketch myself, but I never do cause we’ve got Mathilde Admiral or otherwise a camera, also we’ve got tons of empty sketchbooks in various sizes and colours.

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