Skull Boy

Thomas I’Anson “skull” 2010
Photo; Steven Klein, fashion director; Nicola Formichetti, from ARENA HOMME PLUS S/S 2011 nr 35

Are we all are tired of skulls? I’m sure I was. But this, in my opinion, quite romantic photo series in Arena Homme, woke me up! That Skull Boy is devastating! Am I just going trough a “new romantics 21st century” phase? Whatever. I shouldn’t
be so hasty with discarding ideas from previous fashion-seasons anyways. But I can’t help myself, the gigantic overload of the same images (colours, shapes etc) pressed into one or two seasons, bores me out big time! So much even, that I forget the beauty that started those annoying trends in the first place! This being said; From now on, I pledge to always remember the recent past and cherish the timeless beauty it brings us.(Amen)

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