SNAPS: OPA Designcafé, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Our first public appearance. It just had to be documented.
Ingrid Kresse, OPA‘s director. Initiator of this month’s designcafé on Milan and and craftsmanship during the Salone di Mobile.
Speakers; Duo Vroonland, Arjen en Sjoerd
OPA’s writer Paula Strien, speaker Iris Bijvelds and her boyfriend and Philippe, OPA’s producer.
Vroonland talked about their extended chair. Taken in production and showcased in Milan by Moooi
Mimi Berlin’s first public appearance. Mimi talked about Milan during the Salone in general. And presented/discussed trends to/with the audience.
Iris Bijvelds told about her work, and showed her favourite designs she’d seen in Milan.
I must say; it was a very Interesting evening all together.
O-P-A May 2011: Arnhemilano travigantissimo

Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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