SoGoodToWear Cashmere

SoGoodToWear Cashmere

SoGoodToWear (SGTW) is a new Dutch cashmere brand. Not your average brand, no! SGTW is a sustainable fashion label which owns a goat herd in the higher regions of Nepal The goats provide for the high quality cashmere used by SGTW. The knitted collections are designed in the Netherlands by Mark van Vorstenbos, and are made by cashmere knitters in a fair-trade knitting factory in Nepal. Maybe needless to mention (but we will anyway) SoGoodToWear is a fair-trade brand which uses innovative and ethical ways to breed and herd their goats without causing any environmental damage.

The imported goats get their own scarf, with a portrait illustrated by Machteld Schouten. Above the first one; it’s ‘Cappucino’ the goat. The second goat, ‘Mr Gaga’, also has been portrayed but that’s still a secret…… We, at Mimi Berlin, took care of the styling for the webshop, photography was done by JW Kaldenbach. Ofcourse it’s ‘styling light‘ but we just want to show all the work we do at MB-Modebüro.

Goats in Nepal

SoGoodToWear imports male goats from Chianti, Italy which are crossbread with the local pashmina goats in Nepal. At the moment 2 animals have been imported. “Nepal is known for its strong craftsmanship when it comes to the processing of cashmere. However, currently the resource itself, the cashmere wool, is being imported from abroad. SoGoodToWear brings back the whole supply-chain to Nepal. The small scale herding of goats, together with the combing, plucking, spinning and dyeing of the cashmere wool provides the local Nepalese communities with much needed work and income.”

“SoGoodToWear” presented the first collection for men in October 2017, and is an international cooperation in which everyone involved in the supply-chain owns a part of the cooperation. All profits stay in the cooperation, and a part of the profit is used to improve the living conditions in Nepal. (read more

Pressoffice for SGTW is schoon den boer PR in Amsterdam


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