Style Indicator on Mimi Berlin

mimi_berlin_press+hocl_style_indicatorStyle placed a story on Mimi Berlin, written by Meta Struycken. Check that out!

Since it was written in Dutch we had it translated it to English for you:

Fascinated by the anecdotes of the popular vaudeville circuses from around 1900 designer Amber Jansen – part of the Mimi Berlin collective – created The History of The Circus Legends. This wonderful group of figurines, produced with carefully handpicked vintage products, each tell their own sad story.

Amber Jansen is co-founder of Mimi Berlin, a group of designers who specialize in different creative disciplines next to personal work they also work on commission. The History of The Circus Legends stems from Mimi Berlin’s interest for the history of fashion, design and entertainment. Captivated by the rarities and freaky attractions that are part of the vaudeville theater and the circus from times gone by, Mimi Berlin created this series of unique figurines which in turn each tell their own story. For instance; The rabbit with thimbles on his ears is the imaginary pet from a family of head balancers, the Panda statuette is symbolic for animals in captivity.

In addition to these assembled pieces Mimi Berlin collaborated with the jewelry brand Gem Kingdom, recently they designed a small handmade series titled ‘Ich Will Ein Fisch Im Wasser Sein . These objects double as lamps and combine vintage fish tails of glass (mass produced in the 1960s serving as nut-dispensers) and sculpted text in bronze. including a bicycle light which is not only decorative, but also brings light to the tail.

This latest work by Mimi Berlin x Gem Kingdom is on display at the upcoming edition of Salon/ held July 14 to  August 28 in Amsterdam.

Let's make some conversation! xoxo Mimi Berlin

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