T-shirts are the most wonderful garments we know. They are comfortable in wear, unless they are made in a polyester blend (TIP: always make sure you have 100% cotton ones) They can be thrown in the washing machine as much as you like (TIP: wash in lukewarm water). They can be shared with your friends or family members, (TIP: always buy size Large). They also will share your messages or believes in an instant. (TIP: make sure you know what you wear) Because of the stretchy part of The Jersey they come in handy for covering up body parts (TIP: or showing bodyparts)

Images: Maddie the Coonhound by Theron Humphrey. Maddie has a website; Maddie on Things, be sure to visit this place of fun and beauty! (pic via thelandofthemidnightsun)  Talk to daddy, photographer unknown (via wolfgangbang)

wet t-shirts

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