Mina & T. Thielemans Live

Mina and T. Thielemans Live

Toots Thielemans (29 April 1922 – 22 August 2016) has passed away. So let’s remember him today. Altough our alltime favorite tune with Mr Thielemans on harmonica is the theme from Midnight Cowboy, the performance below isn’t bad either, au contraire!

(Danke schön J de G for sharing)

Eggs Sunny Side Up

Eggs Sunny Side Up

Charlotte Abramow; La Cuisine; Florence Bistarelli, SS/2015. Raw egg costume by Carole Itter and (photographed by) Taki Bluesinger. 2 colour photographs of the artist taken at the New Era Social Club. Artist used the costume in a subsequent performance at the Western Front. (via Boom)