Dots in Vintage Fashion


If you follow this blog maybe you’ve noticed that Mimi Berlin is very fond of dots. The other day we found 2 pretty images of our favorite print from the sixties, just that.
Have a nice day!

Yes, that’s a young Cheryl Tiegs in de middle on the first pic!

(images via coutureallure / christianmontone)


Advertising: Lavazza in your Face

The Lavazza Ad Campaign in Milan.

During Milan Design Week 2018 we were constantly confronted by Lavazza. We drank the actual coffee; at the Lavazza Tiny Bar by Toiletpaper in the Santa Teresa Library at the Brera design district, and at other locations. While drinking we were of course confronted by the merchandise itself and also; all across Milan city we saw the larger-than-life posters; many of them.


It has been a long time since we’ve felt we were in target-group. It used to happen all the time when we were younger, but nowadays there’s not so much stuff we have to buy, according to marketeers. Continue reading

Eye-dentify with eyelashes

Eye-dentify with eyelashes

What kind of woman are you anyway; Eye-dentify with eyelashes. An advertisement from the sixties of the previous century, by Andrea. Andrea, the brand, we do not know. What we do know that eyelashes are equally important now, in 2017, as they were in the sixties.

We do love this image the women with the nude lipstick and black, big eyelashes, they are very intruiging! Just like the Kardashians; tacky but intruiging…..Just that! Have a nice day!

(image via


Olivetti Valentine

Olivetti Valentine

The Valentine typewriter is designed by Ettore Sottsass designed (with Perry A. King) for Olivetti in 1969. It is a portable (very small for it’s time) colorful and all-round friendly typing machine. Its was probably as cute as today’s latest Apple device…Hail to Italian design!
Just that!
Have a nice day! xoxo Mimi

Gucci CCampaign

Gucci CCampaign

Gucci Spring Summer 2016 Campaign Film. “The director’s cut of the Spring Summer 2016 advertising campaign, a short film by Glen Luchford. Creative director: Alessandro Michele. Art director: Christopher Simmonds. (Music: “Goodbye Horses” from the motion picture “Married to the Mob”)”

Picture the scene above in real life; Place youself in the Berliner U-Bahn-Passage (or any other subway/metro station you have to be on a daily basis) BOOM. Suddenly you are surrounded by a group of running kids, dressed, immaculately coordinated with each other, in extraordinary-expensive-colorful-silk-clothes-hats-shoes-sunglasses. Hahaha, now that would lighten up your daily route on the metro, wouldn’t it!?
If only this clip mimicked an inch of real-transportation-life, maybe it’s 1% of an inch of city center life in Paris, but certainly not, nothing, like in Berlin! (or any other city in the world)
No matter: dreams are dreams and this one is funny. With the bonus of getting to know all the Gucci products in a very casual way. Clever!

Below one of replies on this clip on Gucci’s YouTube channel we’d like to share with you. Not sure if we agree but it put a smile on our faces.Screen Shot You Tube_Gucci

Public transportation seems to be a “thing” for the Spring/Summer Fashion season of 2016. The Prada boys and girls are travelling by public transport (in an unrealistic, graphic world). The Chanel show was a complete make-believe airport situation, and we’re sure there are many other examples to be found…