Stuck at Stansted Airport


Mimi Blogger Team was stuck at Stansted Airport a while ago……at night. And what does one do when there’s noting to do? Exactly: take photo’s

Corona Crisis Lockdown

And what does one do while stuck at home during the Corona crisis lockdown? Exactly: meticulously alter your images with a stanley-knife, by hand.
(see here why we are at Stansted Airport)

Chanel Airlines for Spring 2016

Chanel Airlines for Spring 2016

It’s an airport…..It’s a performance……Well; it’s a fashion show!

This fashion show for the Spring/Summer Chanel season of 2016 reminds us of the movie “The Truman Show” (1998) directed by Peter Weir. As you all may (or not) remember; that movie is about the life of a man starring in a tv reality show, as himself, in his own life, but he doesn’t know that he’s being filmed and that his surroundings, including people, are a constructed reality. In 1998 this was called a science-fiction type of movie. We’re not sure if the real-life-soap-stars-family The Kardashians  exsisted on TV in 1998, but they sure do now: and Kendall Jenner (that’s the half-sister of the Kardashians) strutted this Chanel Airlines runway being a model. That fact ends this petite story in a nice, full circle…’s all fake but not so much!
(Photography; Alessandro Garofalo / All images via

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Missoni at Malpensa

Missoni at Malpensa

The fashion house of Missoni has designed two huge striped, knitted columns for the Malpensa Airport.

This installation is named “Tra le Righe #2,” (between two lines #2) and it connects the arrival and departure hall at terminal one. Luca Missoni and Angelo Jelmini developed the “Malpensa project” to match the Missoni retrospective currently on exhibit at the MA*GA Museum in Italy. More specific; the museum is in Gallarate, the place where the first Missoni Studio was situated (in 1953)
Let’s Go to Italy !!!!!

MA*GA Museum
in Gallarate, Italy
Missoni, L’arte, Il Colore. Curated by Luciano Caramel, Emma Zanella and Luca Missoni, 19 April  –  8 November 2015

(Photocredits Courtesy Photo via WWD/ courtesy of Missoni)