The Granny Alphabet

The Granny Alphabet
The Granny AlphabetTim Walker brings his unique brand of very British fantasia to a subject close to all our hearts: grandmothers. The first volume of this very special twinset offers a collection of characterful photographs of grannies and the things nearest to each of them, arranged alphabetically and accompanied by short, gently humorous verses by Kit Hesketh-Harvey. The second volume has Lawrence Mynott’s drawings of lively old ladies. You’ll find Lucinda, whose hat addiction shows no sign of waning, and Kitty, whose knitting skills are second to none. ISBN 0500544263/ISBN 9780500544266 (read more at Thames and Hudson) (Images via Amazon)



Teen-age Alphabet

These images date from the sixties and seventies. Time hasn’t change much don’t you think?  Even the way we dress is only just slightly altered in detail, just like the kind of bikes we ride. Same goes for drugs, although heroin is very 2003…… but never mind that, it’s just a detail.
groovy mimi berlin
School alphabet card from the 1970’s (found by Paul Erschen). (via 4tones)
heroin mimi berlin
Book cover from the 1960’s (via backtowoodstock)

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Red Glassware for X-Mas

___________________________________________________________________________ MIMI BERLIN PORTFOLIO: INTERIOR

Interior shopping: Alphabet made of red glassware by a-MB-iancea_MB_iance_EHI_Dec_2011


A Christmas thought inspired by the “Story Vase” designed by Front (see the letter F) This, and the complete alphabet by a-MB-iance, in The Red Issue December of EH&I 2012 (thanks Appdikted for your graphic knowledge)