Stuck at Stansted Airport


Mimi Blogger Team was stuck at Stansted Airport a while ago……at night. And what does one do when there’s noting to do? Exactly: take photo’s

Corona Crisis Lockdown

And what does one do while stuck at home during the Corona crisis lockdown? Exactly: meticulously alter your images with a stanley-knife, by hand.
(see here why we are at Stansted Airport)

Embroidery +

Yvonne, 2010 Maurizio Anzeri (via)
Maurizio Anzeri, Scarlett, 2010
Maurizio Anzeri (via)
Photo by Richard Burbridge for Dazed magazine Jube, 2011, styling by Robbie Spencer, embroidery by Maurizio Anzeri (via)
Photo by Richard Burbridge for another-man magazine, styling by robbie-spencer, embroidery by Maurizio Anzeri (via)
Embellished ballerina
Mrs. Peggy Guggenheim

Altered books

Noriko Ambe
Isaac Salazar (via todayandtomorrow)
Casey Curran, “Pretense.” (via finebooksmagazine)
Brian Dettmer
Femke Hiemstra
It’s funny to see that even altered books look more intellectual than altered magazines. LOOK that way, they aren’t, on the contrary.But that’s only our opinion……