Great Inventions: Rose Facial Foam from Kanebo

Great Inventions: Rose Facial Foam from Kanebo

How fun is this foamy soap!? It comes out of the spraycan in the shape of a rose!
Makes us, at Mimi Berlin, wonder what kind of shape they would come up with for men’s shaving foam!

Auch Haben! from Kanebo ビューティホイップソープ
話題のバラ泡洗顔♡  (via aussweetie0114)

Tony Duquette

Tony Duquette,  artist, jewelry, costume and Interior designer, born born in Los Angeles, California in 1914. Duquette designed costumes and settings for the movies, interiors for Mary Pickford and Buddy Rogers, jewelry and special furnishings for Lady Mendl, as well as numerous night clubs and public places. Duquette was the first American artist to have a one-man show at the Louvre. (read more HERE)

“More is More and Less is a Bore” –Iris Apfel

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Mel Ramos

Mel Ramos is an American artist who loves to paint women, it’s all he does, since the1960s. Ramos portrays the female body naked, or partly covered by, typical American food such as corn, banana’s, candy wrappers, coca-cola and such.The women are like advertisements….yes, it’s pop-art darling!
Mel Ramos
Mel Ramoschiquita banana
Also animals are often companions for the women in Ramos’ work.
Mel Ramos
nude with bird
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