At Peet Dullaert’s Showroom in Atelier Neérlandais, Paris

At Peet Dullaert’s Showroom in the Atelier Neérlandais, Paris

Mimi Berlin visited the showroom of Dutch Fashion designer Peet Dullaert in the Atelier Neérlandais in Paris.

Next to limited edition pieces and accesories Peet Dullaert’s Collection 2017-1 filled the showroom.
“The 2017-1 is a collection inspired by the under the sea adventures of the French explorer Jaques Cousteau. The breathtaking fragility of beauty of coral reefs and with that life. Photographed in the atelier of French sculpture Philippe Morel. After discovering artist Philippe Morel, Peet Dullaert found echo of his own universe; an exploration of organic shape and human anatomy.” (read more at


Anatomy: Insides outside

 works of art showing the insides of females
Anatomy: Insides outside

Head model, 2 part. This life-size 2-part head features a skull opening to view the underlying cerebrum. Removable eyeball and optic nerve. (via)
Anatomy: Insides outside

From the Modische Atlas der Anatomie series by Koen Hauser. (via)

Anatomy: Insides outside
Venus, illustration by Fernando Vincente (via)

Hymn by Damien Hirst. (via)

Virgin Mother by Damien Hirst. (via)

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