Mimi Berlin’s Rebus Puzzle #23

Rebus Puzzle

Why don’t you solve this Brainbreaker Rebus made by Mimi Berlin today? Give yourself some relax-time with some light entertainment! It’s an easy one!

What is this doll wearing?


And the asswer is:

ʎʇuǝlԀ ɟO uɹoH

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(We sure you won’t ,but you can shop the products/image credits: aliexpress.com / golftees.com)

Shoes, a mini history: Answers to quiz

In frog perspective1970’s Platform shoes. Do they belong to Bianca Jagger? We think so!

1964, Driving shoes or moccasins. You should buy Tod’s, in our opinion.

1950, Stiletto pumps from a Sophia Loren Fan.

1943, Bobby socks & saddle shoes—a detailed study of high school students’ footwear at Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington, D.C. Photographs by Esther Bubley archived at the Library of Congress.(via)

1930’s Fashion (via)

1922, Cow shoes, a moonshiner’s shoe designed to leave cow hoof tracks rather than footprints to mislead the police. (via)