ArtEZ Fashion Design Show 2016

ArtEZ Fashion Design Show 2016

We got invited to attend the show of the ArtEZ Arnhem fashion design department, staged at the Elektrum convention center, held on the 2nd of June.
The experimental designs made by first year students for the project ‘Magnum Opuz‘ opened the show.
The second year students, who created astoningly well made and designed garments, the result of the ‘Ceci n’est pas une robe‘ project; in which each student got to give shape to his or her opinion on the given theme.
This year 24 BA students will graduate from the fashion department; they are always the most important part of these fashion shows; see some of the designs below.

In case you missed this show; Some students will compete in 3 award shows: The Frans Molenaar competition; in which Liesbeth Sterkenburg and Johannes Offerhaus will participate, and the ‘Lichting‘ show during Amsterdam Fashion Week which is a competition for Dutch fashion graduation students. Boaz van Doornik and Laudy Verschuren will be contesting at the international fashion competition ‘Mittelmoda The Fashion Award’ 2016. Max Beets and Alissa Nicolai are showing at the Apolda European Design Award 2017.

ArtEZ Masters in Fashion Design dans Paris

ArtEZ Master in Fashion Design dans Paris

Yesterday (3/4/2016) the generation #17 of graduates at the ArtEZ University of the Arts Masters in Fashion presented their collections in Paris at the Atelier Néerlandais.

Graduates Sunna Örlygsdóttir, Hee Kim, Lisa Förster and alumnus from generation #14, Simeon Morris each got a room in which they created an individual atmosphere to show their collections in. They all opted for a tableaux-vivant, which is a smart choice; the public is able to come upclose, take pictures and have a talk with the designer, well, that’s what we did anyways. The students got to meet with experts from the fashion industry (invited by ArtEZ’s Master in Fashion Design course director Mark van Vorstenbos) Alexandre Morgado (VIP designer Marc Jacobs), Laura Vernier (Headhunter Paris), Hector Castro (stylist, o.a. 10Men, Givenchy), Esther Loonen (Alumna Arnhem Masters, designer oa Isabel Marant) and Marisol Ferradas (Agent, oao Christophe Lemaire, Forte Forte) discussed the collections with the students. The collections were “preview” collections, they will be finished, including the tips from the experts, and shown in Arnhem when they actually graduate in June or July 2016.

more ArtEZ fashion masters

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ArtEZ Fashion Design presents Collectie Arnhem 2016: Flux/Reflux

ArtEZ Fashion Design presents Collectie Arnhem 2016:  Flux/Reflux

The Collection Arnhem 2016 show was held at Amsterdam’s convention center RAI, in the newly build “Amtrium” on the second floor, a space with a view (on houses, designed by Berlage.) decorated with wall to wall carpet in bright purple. Venue and collection were a perfect match. The main color-scheme of Collection Arnhem 2016 (women’s wear) is bright and colorful; red, white, black, aubergine and blue with copper accents. Fabric use ranges from lightweight and semi-transparent knits to heavy, almost blanket like fabrics, equally shaped into huge, chunky and draped silhouettes. The models walked the stage crossing each other constantly in what seemed a random path, that created a beautiful cadans (the concept was streamlined by By B.Y. and coached by Kim Vos). Heavy coats (they were kinda sexy) dragged slowly over the carpet, while dresses reminiscent of beauty-pageant-sashes floated over the catwalk acompanied by wonderful, multicolor knits. The joy, love, creativity and hard work the third year students* must have put in this project could be seen in the Collection Arnhem 2016 show!

Mimi Berlin Blogger Team went backstage and noticed that the students all were very proud of what they have accomplished. The way they handled the garments, explained the collection (by showing the workbook) to the sponsors, helped the models undress (with cotton gloves), showed us that the students have respect for each other and love for what they created. Both the show, and backstage were a true joy to experience!  Continue reading

On Exhibit in Enkhuizen: Fashion and the Sea

On Exhibit in Enkhuizen: Fashion and the Sea

Yesterday we went to the opening of Fashion and the Sea at The Zuiderzee Museum.

First we have to explain a bit about the Zuiderzee and it’s museum: The Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands, revives stories of people who once lived on the shores of the Zuiderzee. The Zuiderzee (means “southern sea” in Dutch) was a shallow bay of the North Sea in the northwest of the Netherlands. In the 20th century the majority of the Zuiderzee was closed off from the North Sea and the salt water inlet changed into a fresh water lake and polders (artificial land) Enhuizen is a old, pittoresque fisherman’s village, which is almost an open air museum itself.

The museum invited ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem to use its Zuiderzee heritage as a basis for new designs. First and second year students from the Department of Fashion Design designed outfits. Second and third year Creative Writing students wrote ballads for these designs: All using the Zuiderzee as inspiration source.

The Curators of ArtEZ Fashion Design created a ‘flagship store’ with outfits, movies, crafts details and ballads. All this set around a large table made of the newspaper magazine ‘Fashion and The Sea’ -’Nets, Wind & Water’ which accompanies the exhibition. Used as a focal point, the table incorporates movies, inspirational pieces and design which demonstrate how students become designers within a period of four years.

The “end result” of those 4 years is shown at the start of the exhibition. An overview of outfits, chosen from various final exam collections, which have something to do with sea, boats, water etc. The mannequins are set up high in the air, accompanied by a modern day ballad set to music and a film of waves, creating an almost catwalk like experience viewed from below sea level. We experienced this as a very poetical way of showing clothes, nice!

All together a wonderful exhibition which is worth a visit, come early in the day and take your time, there’s a lot to see! (May 22/October 20, 2015)

See some more (party) snaps HERE


ArtEZ Fashion Masters Generation #15

ArtEZ Fashion Masters Generation #15. We got an invitation to attend this Generation #15 fashion event, held in an intimate and private setting at Foam & Felix in Amsterdam. The new generation of designers were showing their highly individual views on the future of fashion, in a presentation that provided the opportunity to meet, experience and exchange thoughts with the designers. Continue reading

Winner of The Frans Molenaar Couture Award 2014

Winner of The Frans Molenaar Couture Award 2014

Winner of The Frans Molenaar Award 2014 is ArtEZ Fashion Design BA graduate Karin Vlug, She won this Wednesday, June 25th 2014, and received the amount of €10.000,- to invest in a new couture collection which she will present next year at the 2015 edition of this Award. Congratulations!! (about: Frans Molenaar is a Dutch couturier)

*We have to be honest; sadly we couldn’t attend this show ourselves because of other work obligations elsewhere. Our seat won’t be empty next year!