Joël Hubaut and HotDogs

Joël Hubaut

Joël Hubaut with hotdogs up his nose.
Hubaut is a French artist. We, at Mimi Berlin, are interested in his work. But today we don’t have the stamina to look it up on the interweb. However, we can share his portrait, and we do hope that your day is a nice day! xoxo Mimi

Joël Hubaut with hotdogs in his nose.


Obviously this post is a reminder, a note to self.

Björk’s Distorted Drag Makeup by Isshehungry

Bjork’s Distorted Drag Makeup by Isshehungry

@isshehungry works and lives in Berlin, Germany. ‘Hungry’ is a very talented makeup artist, crossing the bounderies of the common perception of beauty. The created faces almost look like a Photoshop session gone wild; but don’t let them fool you: it’s all painted for real! Did you know: the face of Björk on the ‘Utopia’ album cover has been done by Hungry…..Nice!


(imagecredits; björk/@isshehyungry)

Links: Björk’s ninth album: Utopia/Read an interview with’Hungry’ here;

Must-See God’s Plan new video by Drake

Must-See God’s Plan new music video by Drake

This! No words. ‘Anything you want in this store is free’. Drake made a lot of people beyond happy, including us at Mimi Berlin. Hope you get something out of it as well.
Peace xoxo Mimi


In this video performing artist Drake is giving away about 1 million dollars to people and charities in Miami: do make sure you watch it till the end! God’s Plan is part of ‘Scary Hours’ Drake’s newest EP whith 2 songs only: ‘God’s Plan’ and ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ (The EP was Released in the weekend of the government shutdown in the USA. January 20, 2018) Continue reading

Goodbye Daan van Golden at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen

Goodbye Daan van Golden at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen

Less than a month ago, on January 9, Dutch artist Daan van Golden passed away. In Van Golden’s memory museum Boijmans van Beuningen (in Rotterdam) staged a temporary presentation for his family and friends to bid the artist a worthy farewell. A small selection of his impressive oeuvre can be seen in the Serra Gallery till February 19, 2017. (Read more at

This weekend on Saturday February 4, the day on which Daan van Golden would have celebrated his 81st birthday, the family was at the presentation. Mimi Berlin Blogger Team went to offer condolences in person. And Yes we took snaps. Snaps?! you ask of us. Yes we did, sometimes one doesn’t know what do in a situation because of the sadness or just beacause you are stunned, and then you just take snaps…..At least we, at Mimi Berlin do. (We have been taken snaps at even more sad occassions than this one, which we never will post because they are too private or awkward, but we feel we can post these series; in memory of Mr van Golden.) Goodbye Daan van Golden.
Thank you Mr & Mrs. J.

Mary Blair for Walt Disney

Mary Blair for Walt Disney

(images via
Mary Blair worked at Disney studios for almost 3 decades, starting in the 1940s. Mary Blair was an art director as well as an illustrator.  She was credited on the Peter Pan, Cinderella and Alice and Wonderland films as ‘color stylist’ …..but she was obviously so much more.
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