The head of Elisa Bonaparte as a porcelain cup

Elisa Bonaparte

Elisa Bonaparte, or more accurate and in full; Marie Anne Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi Levoy (1777-1820) Princess of Lucca and Piombino and the Grand Duchess of Tuscany (1805-1815) was a younger sister of Napoleon. If you’re interested in that long and acurate name click HERE to find out more about her family life. Elisa was actually a political ruler, click HERE if you want to know the ins and outs about that.

Fascinating drinking cup

In this post we would like to elaborate on the love Elisa B. had for the arts and we want to focus especcially on a cup she used to drink from. This fascinating cup came in the shape of her own head and it was made by the Doccia porcelain manufactory, founded by Carlo Ginori. This little cup has been reproduced since ages, up until nowadays in biscuit porcelain. Next to drinking from her own head, Elisa B. also, at one point ordered twelve lifesize busts of her own image, made from Carrera marble, which was her property since the town is situated in Tuscany. We, at Mimi Berlin, have to dig deeper into that history some other time ’cause we’ve seen much more of her face on several items.

In the Netherlands this little cup is available only at the Mek store in Amsterdam, thhahanks to Gerard van Riel from Mek for telling us this story.

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Rüpert von Rom: The London Police

Rüpert von Rom: The London Police

The London Police is Rüpert von Rom’s must-see of the month.


After a short period of flipping burgers Bob Gibson fortunately returned to the London Police to make back-to-basic black and white work. The architectural and illustrative landscapes of Bob Gibson are filled with LADS characters drawn by Chaz. Chaz and Bob started drawing on the streets back in 1998. Their signature character is a little smiley-face guy called a Lad.

Ein schöne Ausstellung is on display at the Look for Art Gallery in Amsterdam. Have a look and buy away.

Kisses all around, Rupert.