Le Corbusier’s Immeuble Molitor in Paris

Le Corbusier’s Immeuble Molitor in Paris

Le Corbusier (born Charles-Édouard Jeanneret) and his cousin Pierre Jeanneret designed and built an eight stories high apartment block in the Boulogne-sur-Seine quarters in Paris. The “Immeuble Molitor” flat was realized between 1931 and 1934, it was the first ever residence with an entirely glass front. Le Corbusier lived and worked in the penthouse apartment/studio until he passed away in 1965.

Photography by Oliver Martin-Gambier © FLC/ADAGP/OMG Courtesy of the Fondation Le Corbusier

You can visit the apartment on Saturdays, we haven’t yet but Matilda Bathurst did, click this link to read her story. The address is: 24 Nungesser-et-Coli, Paris 75016.

Studio visit in Amsterdam East

Today we visited the studio of the artists duo Freudenthal/Verhagen.
Situated in a former harbour warehouse, built in 1892, also a formerly squatted building, completely renewed into workplaces. Freudenthal/Verhagen have been working here since 20 years or so. Freudenthal/Verhagen’s work is very imaginative, so is their studio.
Although filled with various things their studio is very tidy.

Studio visit in Milan, Tortona area

Today we visited the Traviganti Metal workshop in Milan. A large place with lots of interesting machine’s. Craftsmen make all kinds of metal objects, functional items such as beer taps and vases and less functional object such as larger than life Fabergé eggs, robots, horses with Swarovski stones, and other useless luxurious stuff. Amazing! It was a true joy to visit this studio. This workplace isn’t very tidy, the work is.

Mimi Berlin made a presentation on Travaganti and the Salone di Mobile in Milan 2011, for OPA Designcafé, of May 2011; Arnhemilano travigantissimo. Graphic Designer Igor Teuwen used our Images for his poster design announcing this presentation.

Studio visit in The Hague Eastside

Today we visited the studio of Vittorio Roerade. His studio is situated in a former Postal (PTT) owned building. This building is shared with about 125 creative and innovative enterprises Roerade’s work is not tidy, same goes for his studio.



Studio visit in Amsterdam West

Today we visited Ido Vunderink‘s studio in Amsterdam West. He is sharing this place with fellow artist Aldert Mantje. It’s situated in a former school building. It’s a temporary place for the artists. Vunderinks paintings are tidy, his studio is not.

Studio visit in Berlin Ost

Today we visited the studio of Painter Tjebbe Beekman. Situated in a former, stasi owned, factory. Completely renewed, into artist studio’s. Has all the comfort an artist needs. Beekman’s painting’s aren’t really tidy, his studio is.