Loudspeaker by HAY for Sonos


Yes, a Loudspeaker, not Loudspeakers, plural, as we used too name these things (if we wanted to listen to music in ‘stereo’. But that’s a different and historical story). Back to the topic of this post. The ‘One Smart Speaker’ is designed by the Danish HAY company for Sonos, in a limited edition in cute colors. We’ll categorize this product as Friendly Design. Same as everything else we’ve seen at HAY during the Milan Designweek 2018.

(images via hay.dk)
Sonos are supposed to produce good loudspeakers so we, at Mimi Berlin, say: Auch Haben!

HAY and Sonos

“HAY and Sonos explore the role of colors, sound and design with the new HAY Sonos One Loudspeaker. Continue reading

GiftBox Bows Shiny and Larger than Life

Shiny GiftBox Bows

These Shiny Gift Box Ribbons are so much larger than life! ‘Happy Happy’ lamps designed by Stephen Johnson and cute bags from Maison Margiela. Auch Haben!

(images via stephenjohnsondesign.commaisonmargiela.com / farfetch.com

Stephen Johnson designed a mega large (ø70cm), exact copy of a shiny giftbox bow to make us happy! His ‘Happy Happy’ bows, dating from 2010,  have been relaunched in 2017 featuring a lighting unit, made in mirror polished aluminum in four colours. The Happy lights are made to order.

And, what a fun coincidence (is it?): Maison Margiela has bags in the same shape, The MM6 ‘Mirror gift bow shoulder bag’ is also taller than the real shiny paper shiny bows, but way smaller than Stephen Johnson’s lamps. If you want to buy the bag go to farfetch for the lilac one, silver is still on stock at margiela.com. Continue reading

Flower Botanical Models

Flower Botanical Models

Maybe more pretty than real flowers, maybe not, either way…Auch Haben!

img via http://stories.rbge.org.uk/archives/author/lornastoddart / http://www.beikey.net/mrs-deane/?paged=65 / https://new.liveauctioneers.com/item/33531103_four-r-brendel-mixed-media-floral-botanic-models / https://nl.pinterest.com/pin/350858627195606893/ https://herbologymanchester.wordpress.com/2015/03/ http://www.gmmg.org.uk/our-connected-history/item/plant-model/ https://delftschoolmicrobiology.weblog.tudelft.nl/tag/brendel/ https://www.dorotheum.com/en/auctions/current-auctions/kataloge/list-lots-detail/auktion/10836-clocks-metalwork-faience-folk-art-sculptures-antique-scientific-instruments-and-globes/lotID/426/lot/1764134-a-c-1900-r-brendel-berlin-botanical-model.html / http://stories.rbge.org.uk/archives/author/lornastoddart

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BFGF an Art Brand Inspired by Comfort, Beauty and Humour

BFGF an Art Brand Inspired by Comfort, Beauty and Humour

BFGF is based in Los Angeles, it is the brand of artist Lilian Martinez. Ms Martinez makes wonderful, digitally printed plaids, cushions and blankets. (also silk scarves and shirts) which she sells in her web shop. On BFGF’s site it says that she is inspired by comfort, beauty and humour, a simple but nice statement! Our favorite piece is the Worldwide Aura Blanket (that’s the pink one with Lisa Simpson)

Auch Haben! (they are made of 100% cotton)

(images courtesy of bfgf.com)

Smoke Glasses by Joe Colombo

Smoke Glasses by Joe Colombo

We, at Mimi Berlin, quit smoking the other day. Obsession with cigarettes has taken over our minds; hence this post. The Smoke glasses are designed to have a drink and a cigarette in one hand at the same time; how very functional!

This barware is designed in 1963 by Joe Colombo for Arnolfo di Cambio, which still has the Smoke glasses in stock.