GiftBox Bows Shiny and Larger than Life

Shiny GiftBox Bows

These Shiny Gift Box Ribbons are so much larger than life! ‘Happy Happy’ lamps designed by Stephen Johnson and cute bags from Maison Margiela. Auch Haben!

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Stephen Johnson designed a mega large (ø70cm), exact copy of a shiny giftbox bow to make us happy! His ‘Happy Happy’ bows, dating from 2010,  have been relaunched in 2017 featuring a lighting unit, made in mirror polished aluminum in four colours. The Happy lights are made to order.

And, what a fun coincidence (is it?): Maison Margiela has bags in the same shape, The MM6 ‘Mirror gift bow shoulder bag’ is also taller than the real shiny paper shiny bows, but way smaller than Stephen Johnson’s lamps. If you want to buy the bag go to farfetch for the lilac one, silver is still on stock at Continue reading

Mimi Berlin’s Pink Fashion Shopping

an unpulishedMimi Berlin’s Pink Fashion Shopping

Mimi Berlin's Pink Fashion Shopping

(Thursday, April 7, 2016. A new and unpublished accessories-shopping) New Arrivals in Pink Picked for you by Mimi Berlin.

Get your pink accessories now! BUY at: all brands;, &, earrings; monnier, gloves:, socks: & other &


Fendi for Falentine

Fendi for Falentine


We aren’t especially keen on Valentine ‘s Day. BUT we do like this clip by Fendi, in which 2 bags are flirting ….. :)) Valentine’s Day is this Sunday 15 Feb.

“Fall in love with the playful and feminine Fendi Loves capsule collection to celebrate Valentine’s day. Discover more on

But  DO remember it’s all real fur that’s used for the keychains, bags and other accessories at Fendi …………….

Products Disguised as Pills

Products Disguised as Pills

Medicine Gel-caps as inspiration for product designers.

via;  tofucute / trendhunter/ sequoia-studio / sarahsbag

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Glossy Plastic by Kartell

Glossy Plastic by Kartell

We know Kartell produces glossy plastic furniture, new for us was the Kartell fashion line; bags, boots and shoes. Kartell collaborated with Giorgiana Zappieri and .normaluisa, together they created a range of plastic accessories (not only in pink, also available in black whte and several other color-combo’s). The shoes are a bit Melissa-like, but the bags (aren’t they sticky when worn over the shoulder?) we truly like…… (buy at .normaluisa)

Acne Studios + William Wegman

Acne Studios + William Wegman

One of our favorite dogs is William Wegman’s dog + One of our favorite brands is Acne Studios = So Nice!Acne Stidios + William Wegman “Stockholm, march 08, 2013 — Acne Studios presents The Complete William Wegman Portfolio, seven portraits shot by William Wegman in his New York studio on January 18, 2013.” ( < click link for The Complete Portfolio. (img courtesy of acne studios)