Happy Birthday Herr Kaldenbach

Hip Hip Hooray voor JW (dat rijmt!)

Clip from the ‘Balloon Dance’ from the motion picture “Give the girl a break” Warner Brothers 1953. via Warner Archive Instant on YouTube)

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Mimi Berlin’s Rebus puzzle #20: Red balloon

Light Entertainment: Mimi Berlin’s Weekly Rebus Puzzle.
Just Fill in The Blanks!

They are having a walk .. +DR +K the park(photo by Miles Aldridge, Vogue Italia, August 2011, via)

This is a vintage Vogue magazine ….. C=Mo -V E= R R=E (15 May 1941 via)
Model Olya Ivanisevic is holding a red balloon .. +G her hand.(photo by Ellen von Umwerth, 2007, Vogue Italia via).


This is a very easy rebus puzzle don’t you think? We will still put the answer up tonight, don’t worry!