Bowling Barbara


Good Morning! A little image editing by Mimi Berlin for you today. Bowlingshoes for rent at the bowling alley where we went the other day to play, next to an image of singer/actress Barbara Streisand, who is (or was?) famous for her nose, amongst many iconic songs and movies of course.

(image credits: Mimi at the bowling alley/Barbara Streisand photographed by Richard Avedon.)

Vogue USA 1st of August, 1965

Vogue USA 1st of August, 1965

Samantha Eggar, Photographed by Bert Stern.
Barbara Streisand, photo by Irving Penn,then;  a star in the work
Veruschka, photo by Irving Penn. 
Baby Jane Holzer, photo’s by Irving Penn (via)

Unbelievable, all these women in one magazine, available from Youthquaker