Thrifting in the USA

Thrift Stores

Thrifting, or in search of Antiques, as the shop owners like to call the merchandise. In Nevada USA, these stores are situated in the middle of nowhere, but are fully packed with allsorts of second hand goods.
In Three Rivers, Sierra Nevada.
Thrift Stores
“Berby” run by god fearing Mr Van Dellen and his wife. Also sells handmade art made by locals.
berby antiques
berby antiques and coffeesshop
In Beatty, Nevada.
thrift store nevada
Thrift store run by senior citizens.
Notice those hairclips!
Antiques & collectibles store, owned by a middle aged couple with 4 small dogs.
Actually,  there’s some plain junk for sale as well…
Plenty of room in the Mojave desert to keep everything…
A Wedgewood stove!
In Lake Isabella, California.
Furniture/Antique shop, owned by a large, thin man with piercing eyes.

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