The Incredible Shrinking Man

The Incredible Shrinking Man is a speculative design research by Arne Hendriks about the consequences of downsizing the human species to 50 centimeters. It has been a long established trend for people to grow taller. As a direct result we need more energy, more food and more space. But what if we decided to turn this trend around? What if we use our knowledge to shrink mankind?arne_hendriks_bjdw
We found out about this interesting project at the Beijing Design Week 2013. It was part of the Dutch Starting Something exhibition. Arne made notebooks of his findings, you could take the pages with you. A nice idea, presented in a strange, sloppy way…(see above)
See Arne Hendriks having a TedxBrainport-Talk 0n 2012.

See how Mimi Berlin used that great picture with the cock and the man HERE 

Rubber Duck in China

Rubber Duck in China. Florentijn Hofman’s Rubber Duck is very Popular during Beijing Design Week. BJDW adapted the image of the rubber duck for merchandise (badges, an actual bathtub version in a pretty box and yellow shoes), so did everybody else. At the Summer Palace, where it lies, you can find the duck all over the place. First as signing on the floor (so you know where to find it) next as a photo opportunity; re-sized both for parents and kids. The BJDW merchandise is sold in giant white eggs, the (counterfeit?) fluffy toy by people in the streets. The last encounter is with the Giant Rubber Duck itself, together with a gazillion other people you can stroll or paddle your way around this yellow icon. For us, at Mimi Berlin it was a long anticipated, but weird trip …

Why are these photo’s so foggy? You ask of us. Well today the smog-alarm was 305 AQI, that’s why.

Mimi Beijing

Mimi Beijing

Mimi Berlin Blogger Team has been split up into two bloggers. One is Mimi Berlin as you know her and the other one is Mimi Beijing. You can follow her stories at the SALON/ blog until the 5th of October 2013. At night Mimi Beijing is visiting several ‘design vernissages’ at the Beijing Design Week (BJDW). Below she just left her tag (big time) at the opening party of the Amsterdam Guest City of BJDW which was held the 28th of September in “The Tank” an abandoned gastank situated in a former industrial area. On show was an introduction to Dutch designers and architects.

Thanks to Martijn den Boer for coming up with the title; Mimi Beijing.

Mimi in Beijing

Mimi Berlin in Beijing. Beijing Design Week 2013 to be exact.Tan_er_40On exhibit at Tan’er 40, Dashilar Hutong, Beijing, China.  Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #1,  Henriette Tilanus: dress from final exam, Lizan Freijzen.

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest Project #1 and #2 (2.50 x 2 m, digital print) are on exhibit during SALON/BJ at the Dashilar district in Beijing, China

The Dutch at Beijing Design Week

beijing designweek logo

Beijing Design Week, China’s biggest design event, has Amsterdam as it’s partnering city this year. Highlights of the Amsterdam Guest City “Design Goes Dutch” includes:

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam It present a preview of the retrospective of Amsterdam-based designer Marcel Wanders which will open in 2014 in Amsterdam. Accompanied by 5 recent projects by Benthem Crouwel Architects at Beijing’s Capital Museum. Starting Something is an exhibition that opens up an active dialogue between alumni of the Sandberg Institute, Dutch designers and students of CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts) in Beijing. The Made by US project launches during Beijing Design Week in partnership with the China Museum of Digital Arts. Peking Express. An exhibition of work by students from China Central Academy of Fine Art (CAFA) and the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT) produced under guidance of renowned Dutch fashion designer Alexander van Slobbe. Towards 2050 is bringing together Dutch and Chinese professionals in the field of urban development from both private and government related organisations. SALON/BJ Various Dutch designers, like Mimi Berlin, will be interacting with local colleagues, public and spaces by showing and/or creating their work in the Dashilar area of Beijing. Rubber Duck (Beijing), designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, is a gigantic 26-metre-high yellow rubber duck, will be floating in Beijing.

Beijing Design Week 2013, will be held from September 25th trough October 5th.