Melon Cup vs MimiMug

Melon Cup vs MimiMug

High-End vs Low-End

Melon Cup vs MimiMug

On the left porcelain cup from the  service ‘Melon‘ designed by Josef Hoffmann, founder of the “Wiener Werkstätte”,  in 1929.

On the right ceramic ‘MimiMug’ from the ‘Mimimalist’ series (concept: Twan Janssen) designed by us, at Mimi Berlin, in 2012.

Both drinking devices are Never-Out-of-Stock. You can still order the ‘Melon’ mocha service at the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory Augarten. Our ‘MimiMug’ can be ordered at the; both conveniently available online of course!

Polaroids by Guy Bourdin

Polaroids by Guy Bourdin

Polaroids in Black and White by fashion photographer Guy Bourdin (1928–1991),
What do we see here? You ask of us when you were born in the digital age. Well here we have a set of polaroid pictures they are in black and white because the colored ones didn’t exist yet. Polaroids were made before the actual shooting begun to see if the composition, light etc. was right. They were THE tool before taking the actual (colour, in this case) pictures with a film-roll in the camera (gathered by Rex Dieter,  via actualcolorsmayvary)

#59 Magazine

#59 Magazine; Black and white photography galore! Mimi Berlin visited the head quarters of #59 Magazine in Amsterdam the other day. Dutch photographer Mart Engelen is the father of #59 Magazine, a large glossy newspaper-like magazine filled with black and white photography. The love of Mart Engelen for (vintage) black and white photography reflects in #59 magazine; the magazine is beautifully printed and has no staples or (glue) binding. We won’t elaborate on that any further, It’s always best to go and see it for yourself; the magazine is for sale at selected stores worldwide (in Amsterdam at Pols Potten and the Van Gogh Museum in Paris at Colette and at Musee d’Orsay in Antwerp at Graanmarkt 13 in Milan at Corso Como 10) Mart Engelen is a photographer himself, his work is accompanied by interviews from his hand, he is interested in traveling, art and photography…. Furthermore, Engelen is a collector of, amongst others, Jean Dieuzaide, Edward Quinn, Andre Villers and Ernst Scheidegger. Part of his collection can be seen and bought at the Suite 59 Gallery in Amsterdam

Rüpert von Rom Must-See of the Month: Kai Ziehl

Must-See of the Month according to Rupert von Röm: Kai Ziehl. Now the days are grey and we officially entered wintertime certain loneliness can be felt by all of us. An emotion that is often accompanied by dreadful associations, but let’s not! Loneliness can be stunning.

German artist Kai Ziehl shows breathtakingly moments of a world where loneliness is considered a luxury. What we see is a single figure standing alone in an architectural surrounding insinuating the emotion of feeling alone. Surrounded by intriguing shapes and shadows of the architecture the figure shows simplicity so powerful you would like to be there.

Rupert. x

Next to the Affordable Art Fair 2013

Next to the Affordable Art Fair 2013, in Amsterdam at restaurant Stork, we found THE bonus of the affordable art fair: Work on exhibit by photographer Claude Vanheye. Iconic portraits made in the previous century by Mr. Vanheye of popstars like David Bowie, Chaka Kahn, Jimmy Hendrix, Tom Waits, Mick Jagger, Bryan Ferry, John Lennon, Debby Harry and Grace Jones, but to name a few. They are for sale, limited, numbered and signed, (with spectaculair discount only during the fair). We, at Mimi Berlin, always have been fans of Claude Vanheye’s work, you can imagine we were pleased to meet him at the opening of AAF 2013.

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