Igor by Tyler the Creator

Tyler the Creator

Tyler Gregory Okonma is known professionally as Tyler the Creator, he is an all-round creative from the United States of America. Tyler is a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, music video director, fashion designer and graphic designer.
He is the co-founder of the hip-hop collective Odd Future. Okonma has created all the artwork for the group’s releases and has also designed the group’s clothing and other merchandise. As a solo artist, Tyler released and produced one mixtape and five studio albums. His fifth and newest studio album (2019) is named Igor, it debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200. As a fashion designer Tyler Okonma has a clothing company named Golf Wang.

Pink Poster

We are sure that Tyler the Creator has done much more but since this is our first encounter with the artist (bare with us, we are older citizens) we’ll leave it at the list above. The stunning pink poster was the reason we got to know about the artist. Also the fact that we love a blonde bob.

(info found on wikipedia, imagecredits: mimi berlin)

Veronica Lake’s Hairstyle

Veronica Lake’s Hairstyle

From pin-up to patriot.
About Ms Lake’s hairstyle before and during the second World War: taming Veronica’s cascading blond manes.
Veronica Lake and her famous and very populair peek-a-boo or witch-lock hairstyle in 1942 (image via lisawallerrogerss)

Veronica Lake was so populair in the forties that women copied her hairstyle. In the clip below (is it propaganda or plain advertising?) Ms Lake was set an example for women who had to wear safety hats while working at the factory during the second World War. Because “The Lake’s eyeview is entirely out of place on a war production plant”/ “Uncontrolled hair will never stay in place”/”the rhytm of precision work can be upset resulting in faulty work”.

Veronica Lake “put glamour in it’s proper wartime place” and changed her hairstyle on camera in an, ironically, German-like-bunroll-style which was also cute but not so much sexy. The poor factory girls however had to put on even less sexy and seriously ugly hats at work. The, safe, uniforms were sold as “Industrial Fashions” to women in the USA.


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It’s My Party…

It’s Party Time

and Mimi Blogger Team is going to paint the town red!

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It’s Brazen…, Chicago 1951

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