Mermaid Hair is Blue

Mermaid Hair is Blue

Just google it, it’s true! What do you say? You want that too?!

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Mimi Berlin’s Fashion Fest #6

Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #6: Dutch Cheerleading Squad: Cheering for Ourselves, November 2016.mimi berlin fashion fest 6 Braggin’ and boastin’ has never been so much fun! VUFU&FE (von uns für uns & für euch.)
In this self-portrait we are having fun cheering for each other: this group of friends and colleagues are all creative minds from The Netherlands. In daily life these people are trying to make the world a prettier place; by creating visual delicacies. The portrayed are working, behind the scenes, in fashion (illustration), dance and art (direction). They really like to dress up and they have a fascination with cheerleaders in general. Continue reading

Blue Red Circle

Blue Red Circle

Image editing by Mimi Berlin with sneakers and a book.

Be sure to read the story behind the sneakers and the book >>>>>>>click links>>> (via sneakerfreaker /agoodbook)



unusual Jasper- ware inspired by and by Wedgewood (images via replacements / inherited-values )



Art mit Udo #2

Art with Udo, masterclasses: Yves Klein. Udo Vektor is showing us art in a different way. By combining images he makes us look and think in a different way than we’re used to.

Yves Klein: M 35 Monochrome vert sans titre, 59 x 101.5 cm. 1955 (via A still from the film Yves Klein: La revolution bleue  (via improvisedlife)

Vielen Dank Dear Udo Vektor!

Introducing Udo Vektor

Introducing: Art mit Udo

Introducing: Udo Vektor. He will be teaching us about art. By combining images he makes us look and think in a different way than we’re used to. Maybe we will name his posts a mini art class? Yes we will, Art with Udo, masterclasses: Yves Klein.

Yves Klein, 1960 image courtesy Yves Klein Archives, photo by ©Charles Wilp. Nivea creme (via nivea). Seymour Likely sculpture, photo by Tony Brouwer.

Vielen Dank Dear Udo Vektor !

Masterclass: Art with Udo Vektor #2