Chanel Perfume and Jean Paul Goude

Chanel Perfume and Jean Paul Goude

Yes! Jean Paul Goude made another ad mini-movie for Chanel! After juggling with a perfume bottle of Chance, in 2011, the models now, in 2015, take up bowling, with many bottles of Chance, fun! Our all-time favorite Jean Paul Goude/Chanel collaboration is the one with Vanessa Paradis whistling and spilling Coco perfume, made in 1991. Oh and also the ad for Chanel Egoiste, made in 1990. (see those? click read more) Continue reading

Bowling Barbara


Good Morning! A little image editing by Mimi Berlin for you today. Bowlingshoes for rent at the bowling alley where we went the other day to play, next to an image of singer/actress Barbara Streisand, who is (or was?) famous for her nose, amongst many iconic songs and movies of course.

(image credits: Mimi at the bowling alley/Barbara Streisand photographed by Richard Avedon.)